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What's in Your "GO KIT"

The intent of this exercise is to compile a list of the items that belong in a standard "GO KIT".
A "GO KIT" is a collection of items kept ready to go in the event of an emergency.
My intention is to create 3 levels, Basic, Well prepared, and Optional.

The Basic kit should be small light and packed ready to go at all times.
The Well prepared kit can be a little larger and might contain the basic kit in the same Container.
The Optional kit Contains things You might use on a daily basis but can be gathered up easily in the event of an extended callup.

Ham radio items have been listed seperately due to the increased cost of most items.(Not many of us have the cash to dedicate a radio to the go kit)

When putting together Your kit there a few things to keep in mind.
Buy Items to dedicate to the kit.
Having a really great piece of equipment is not so great if it takes You 10 minutes to find.
When You lend out the pocket knife You got at the dollar store It's not so important if You get it back.
Use alkaline batteries. Rechargables will loose thier charge when sitting for months.
Stick to AA and D sizes.(You are more likely to find replacements than if You need C or 9 volt.)
Check Your kit 2 times a year. Make sure batteries are good and replace seasonal items.(Sunscreen and bug repellant in summer, Handwarmers in winter.)

Any input You have on this list would be appreciated.
Please send comments to
I will make further revisions based on input and publish a final list in next months newsletter.

Coutesy Terry, VA3BHL

Club Notice

VE3OD now REQUIRES CTCSS tone (131.8 Hz).

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